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Projects: BiTe

Under the guidance of Dr. Terry M. Tritt, current research works involves the development of syntheses and characterization of promising nano thermoelectric materials and the preparation and TE properties’ study of nano-composite bulk TE materials, which are pertinent to the DOE project funded at Clemson University entitled “Investigation of the Next Generation Solid State Power Conversion Materials“. Via solution chemical method, Xiaohua has successfully synthesized a variety of nano-structured thermoelectric materials (include BiSb, Bi2Te3, Bi-Sb-Te, Bi-Se-Te, CoSb3, PbTe, PbSe, InSb, Bi2S3 as well as many other materials) with considerable high yield. These nano products were incorporated with different bulk TE materials to achieve bulk nanocomposite thermoelectric materials. Recently she also developed two new techniques: Hydrothermal/solvothermal nano-plating and hydrothermal treatment (by using alkali metal salts, etc.), both of them have been proved favorable on potentials of fabricating nano-composites and further, improving the performance of the as-studied materials.

   Till now, Xiaohua has authored and co-authored ~35 scientific publications (~25 papers and ~10 conference proceedings), attended ~10 research projects and has co-named in ~7 patents.

Xiaohua Ji




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