The Transfer Credit Equivalency Listing for International Institutions is a database containing the Clemson University course equivalencies for international institutions. Course equivalencies are evaluated through the Office of Admissions. Please be advised the TCEL is only a history of how courses have transferred to Clemson, and does not represent a comprehensive list of transferable coursework for any school. If there is a course you have previously taken that is not showing up on the TCEL, the course will have to be evaluated once you apply and are accepted to Clemson.

The TCEL is a living document to which changes are continually being made. Evaluations for transfer credit by the Office of the Registrar are based upon the best available information at the time. Revisions to a course evaluation may be made based on receipt of new information.

If you have specific questions regarding your major, you may communicate with a faculty advisor by choosing the advisor contact (Advisors' List) by subject area.

To see if the transfer equivalents for a specific college or university are included in the TCEL, click on the appropriate letter below.

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To see if the domestic transfer equivalents for a specific college or university are included, check the Domestic Transfer Equivalency List

To see how credits from a international institution will be converted to Clemson credits, click here. Schools are listed by country.