TRANSFER               TRANSFER COURSE                    CLEMSON          
      COURSE                DESCRIPTION                        EQUIVALENT       
     MKB 313                FIN MGT I                          ELECTIVE         
     MKB 323                COST ACCT I                        ELECTIVE         
     MKB 413                FIN MGT II                         ELECTIVE         
     MKB 422                COST ACCT II                       ELECTIVE         
     MKB 433                OP MGT II                          ELECTIVE         
     MKB 443                ELECTIVE                           ELECTIVE         
     MKB 453                HUMAN RES MGT I                    ELECTIVE         
     MKB 512                OP MGT II                          ELECTIVE         
     MKB 522                MKT MGT II                         ELECTIVE         
     MKB 532                HUMAN RES MGT II                   ELECTIVE         
     MKB 543                RISK MGT                           ELECTIVE         
     MKK 113                INTRO TO BUSINESS                  ELECTIVE         
     MKK 122                INTRO TO ACCT 1                    ELECTIVE         
     MKK 133                INTRO TO MICROECON                 ECON  211        
     MKK 142                ECON MATH                          MTHSC 210        
     MKK 212                INTRO TO ACCT II                   ELECTIVE         
     MKK 223                INTRO TO MACROECON                 ECON  212        
     MKK 233                INTRO TO MGT                       MGT   201        
     MKK 242                LEGAL ASPECT IN BUS                ELECTIVE         
     MKK 322                INTRO TO ECON DEVEL                ECON  3**        
     MKK 342                STATISTICS                         MTHSC 203        
     +MKK 412               LAB OF STATISTICS                  +ELECTIVE        
     MKK 352                INTRO COMP APPLIC                  CP SC 120        
     MKK 643                BANK & OTHER FIN INS               ELECTIVE         
     MPB 623                ENTREPRENEURSHIP                   ELECTIVE         
     MPK 112                STATE IDEOL&NAT'L ST               ELECTIVE         
     MPK 122                RELIGIOUS STUDIES                  REL   102        
     MPK 132                PERS DEVEL MGT                     ELECTIVE         
     MPK 142                ENGLISH FOR BUS 1                  ENGL  304        
     +MPK 262               ENGL FOR BUS II                                     
     MPK 212                BUSINESS ETHICS                    ELECTIVE         
     MPK 232                INDONESIAN                         ELECTIVE         


     TRANSFER               TRANSFER COURSE                    CLEMSON          
      COURSE                DESCRIPTION                        EQUIVALENT       
     EGNE 1203              ENGR MECH: STATICS                 ELECTIVE         
     EGNE 1206              ENGR DESIGN GRAPH I                ELECTIVE         
     EGNE 1209              ENGR ECONOMICS                     ELECTIVE         
     ENGL 1205              INTRO TO LITERATURE                ELECTIVE         
     MATH 1211              INTRO CALCULUS II                  ELECTIVE         


     TRANSFER               TRANSFER COURSE                    CLEMSON          
      COURSE                DESCRIPTION                        EQUIVALENT       
     XXXXX1                 INORGANIC CHEM LAB                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX2                 INORGANIC CHEM                     ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX3                 HUMANITIES: POETRY                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX4                 PRGRM ABSTRACTIONS                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX5                 LINEAR ALGEBRA                     ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX6                 ADV MATHEMATICS I                  ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX7                 PHYISCAL EDUCATION                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX8                 MORAL EDU & LAW                    ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX9                 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY                  ELECTIVE         
     XXXX10                 ORGANIC CHEM LAB                   ELECTIVE         
     XXXX11                 ECONOMICS                          ELECTIVE         
     XXXX12                 PROBABILITY & STAT                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXX13                 MUSIC THEORY                       ELECTIVE         
     XXXX14                 PHYSICAL EDUCATION                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXX15                 PHYSICS I                          ELECTIVE         
     XXXX16                 PHYSICS LAB I                      ELECTIVE         
     XXXX17                 BOTANY                             ELECTIVE         
     XXXX18                 MIL'THEORY/CURRENT                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXX19                 MODERN CHINESE HIST                ELECTIVE         
     XXXX20                 ECOLOGY                            ELECTIVE         
     XXXX21                 INTRO LIFE SCIENCE                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXX22                 BIOCHEMISTRY I                     ELECTIVE         
     XXXX23                 BIOCHEMSITRY LAB                   ELECTIVE         
     XXXX24                 ADV MATHEMATICS II                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXX25                 MACHINE MANUFACTURE                ELECTIVE         
     XXXX26                 APPR OPERA CLASSICS                ELECTIVE         
     XXXX27                 PHYSICAL EDUCATION                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXX28                 PHYSICS II                         ELECTIVE         
     XXXX29                 PHYSICS LAB II                     ELECTIVE         
     XXXX30                 MARXISM                            ELECTIVE         


     TRANSFER               TRANSFER COURSE                    CLEMSON          
      COURSE                DESCRIPTION                        EQUIVALENT       
     XXXXX1                 VISUAL PRGM DESIGN                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX2                 PHYSICAL EDUCATION                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX3                 FOREIGN LANG:ENGL                  ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX4                 INTRO TO ENGINEERING               ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX5                 COLL ORAL ENGLISH                  NO CREDIT        
     XXXXX6                 ORAL ENGLISH                       NO CREDIT        
     XXXXX7                 ORAL ENGLISH                       NO CREDIT        
     XXXXX8                 ADV MATHEMATICS                    ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX9                 FUNDAMENTAL GRAPHICS               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX10                 MORAL EDU AND LAW                  ELECTIVE         
     XXXX11                 PHYSICS LAW                        ELECTIVE         
     XXXX12                 FOREIGN LANG:ENGLISH               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX13                 COLL ORAL ENGLISH                  ELECTIVE         
     XXXX14                 PHYSICAL EDUCATION                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXX15                 ENGR QUALITY CONTROL               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX16                 ORAL ENGLISH                       NO CREDIT        
     XXXX17                 ADV MATHEMATICS                    ELECTIVE         
     XXXX18                 PIC SINGLE-CHIP COMP               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX19                 LINEAR ALGEBRA                     ELECTIVE         
     XXXX20                 MANUFACTURING TECH                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXX21                 NETWORK ENGINEERING                ELECTIVE         
     XXXX22                 PHYSICS                            ELECTIVE         


     TRANSFER               TRANSFER COURSE                    CLEMSON          
      COURSE                DESCRIPTION                        EQUIVALENT       
     XXX XX1                COLLEGE ENGLISH I                  NO CREDIT        
     XXX XX2                ADV MATH I                         MTHSC 106        
     +XXX X14                                                  +MTHSC 108       
                                                               +MTHSC 206       
     XXX XX3                ENGR DRAWING I                     ELECTIVE         
     XXX XX4                MILITARY TRAINING                  NO CREDIT        
     XXX XX5                INTRO BIOSCI & BIOEN               ELECTIVE         
     XXX XX6                CULT THOUGHTS & MOR                ELECTIVE         
     XXX XX7                PHYS EDUCATION I                   ELECTIVE         
     XXX XX8                LINEAR ALGEBRA I                   MTHSC 311        
     XXX XX9                INTROD COMPUTER TECH               CP SC 120        
     XXX X10                GEN PHYSICS I                      PHYS  207        
     XXX X11L               PHYSICS LAB I                      PHYS  209        
     XXX X12                COLLEGE ENGLISH II                 NO CREDIT        
     XXX X13                ELECTRIC CIRCUITS II               ELECTIVE         
     XXX X15                ENGR DRAWING II                    ELECTIVE         
     XXX X16                MILITARY PRINCIPLE                 NO CREDIT        
     XXX X17                THOUGHTS & SOCIALISM               NO CREDIT        
     XXX X18                PHYS EDUCATION II                  ELECTIVE         
     XXX X19                COMPUTER PRIN & ASSE               CP SC 231        
     XXX X20                ADV LANG PROG DSGN I               CP SC 111        
     XXX X21L               CIRCUITS LAB                       ELECTIVE         
     XXX X22                COMPLEX VARIABLE                   MTHSC 435        
     XXX X23L               ANALOG CIRCUITS LAB                ELECTIVE         
     XXX X24                BOXING                             ELECTIVE         
     XXX X25                SIGNALS & SYSTEMS                  ELECTIVE         
     XXX X26L               SIGNALS & SYS LAB                  ELECTIVE         
     XXX X27                ADV LANG PROG DSGN 2               ELECTIVE         
     XXX X28                PRIN OF ECONOMICS                  ECON  211        
     XXX X29                BASIN INDUSTRY TRAIN               ELECTIVE         
     XXX X30                DIGITAL ELECTRONICS                ELECTIVE         
     XXX X31                FUND OF MANAGEMENT                 ELECTIVE         
     XXX X32                INTELL PROPERTY LAW                ELECTIVE         


     TRANSFER               TRANSFER COURSE                    CLEMSON          
      COURSE                DESCRIPTION                        EQUIVALENT       
     XXX XX1                BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE                 SOC   201        
     XXX XX2                ENGL LANG &                        ENGL  314        
     XXX XX3                CONSULAR & DIPLOMATI               PO SC 102