TRANSFER               TRANSFER COURSE                    CLEMSON          
      COURSE                DESCRIPTION                        EQUIVALENT       
     XXXXX1                 ENGLISH                            ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX2                 CHINESE                            CHIN  101        
     XXXXX3                 PHYS EDUC                          ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX4                 PRIN OF PHYS EDUC                  ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX5                 GYMNASTICS I                       ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX6                 DANCE                              ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX7                 TRACK AND FIELD                    A L   377        
     XXXXX8                 VISUAL ART IN SOC CO               ART   103        
     XXXXX9                 DIS OF CHIN & W MUSI               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX10                 REC PHYSICAL ACT                   ELECTIVE         
     XXXX11                 TABLE TENNIS                       ELECTIVE         
     XXXX12                 ACCOUNTING                         ELECTIVE         
     XXXX13                 HUMAN RES MGT                      ELECTIVE         
     XXXX14                 ENGLISH                            ENGL  103        
     XXXX15                 CHINESE                            CHIN  102        
     XXXX16                 SPORT SOCIOLOGY                    ELECTIVE         
     XXXX17                 GYMNASTICS 1                       ELECTIVE         
     XXXX18                 DANCE                              ELECTIVE         
     XXXX19                 TRACK & FIELD                      ELECTIVE         
     XXXX20                 LEARNING MGT IN MOVI               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX21                 SCI TECH & NAT'L DEF               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX22                 HUMAN ANA & PHYSIOLO               BIOSC 3**        
     XXXX23                 CHILD DEVEL&PHY ED                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXX24                 TENNIS                             ELECTIVE         
     XXXX25                 SPEC SPORT TRAIN 1                 A L   353        
     +XXXX33                SPORT INJ E& 1STAID                +ELECTIVE        
     XXXX26                 ACCOUNTING                         ELECTIVE         
     XXXX27                 MARKET RESEARCH                    ELECTIVE         
     XXXX28                 PHYS EDUC 2                        NO CREDIT        
     XXXX29                 EXERCISE PHYSIOL                   A L   350        
     XXXX30                 POPULAR DANCE I                    ELECTIVE         
     XXXX31                 ANAL CELE CHIN&WES                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXX32                 APPRE OFFILM MUSIC                 NO CREDIT        
     XXXX34                 SPORT & LEISURE INDU               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX35                 MKT MGMT                           ELECTIVE         


     TRANSFER               TRANSFER COURSE                    CLEMSON          
      COURSE                DESCRIPTION                        EQUIVALENT       
     1000007                DIFF EQUATIONS                     MTHSC 208        
     1000016                FUND INFERENT STATS                MTHSC 440        
     2000371                PHYSICS II                         PHYS  208        
                                                               +PHYS  210       
     2000438                PHYSICS I                          PHYS  207        
                                                               +PHYS  209       
     2000927                MATHEMATICS III                    MTHSC 106        
     +2001285                                                  +MTHSC 108       
     +2019617                                                  +MTHSC 206       
                                                               +MTHSC 311       
     2001065                PROB AND STATISTICS                MTHSC 309        
     2001523                INFO TECH WORKSHOP                 ELECTIVE         
     2001524                RESEARCH METHODOLOGY               ELECTIVE         
     2003039                GRAPHIC EXPRESSION                 ELECTIVE         
     2003080                THE CITY AND POWER                 ELECTIVE         
     2007750                MATERIALS ENG WKSHOP               MS&E  210        
     2015701                HUM RESOURCES MGMT                 MGT   307        
     2015703                ECONOMIC ENGINEERING               I E   384        
     2015734                COMPUTER PROGRAMMING               ELECTIVE         
     2016133                CITY HABITAT HOUSING               ELECTIVE         
     2016589                QUAL CONT AND MGMT                 ELECTIVE         
     2016592                GENERAL ECONOMY                    ECON  212        
     2016603                OPER RESEARCH I                    I E   280        
     2016604                OPER RESEARCH II                   I E   381        
     2016609                INDUSTRIAL SAFETY                  I E   487        
     2016610                COSTS SYSTEMS                      ACCT  201        
     2016611                INDUSTRIAL SOCIOL                  SOC   3**        
     2016613                ERG/METH ENGIN WKSH                I E   210        
     2016617                MOD PROB SOLUTION WK               ELECTIVE         
     2016618                MENTAL-MECH PROC WKS               ELECTIVE         
     2016619                CHEM/BIOTECH PROC WK               ELECTIVE         
     2019610                CREATIVITY WORKSHOP                ELECTIVE         


     TRANSFER               TRANSFER COURSE                    CLEMSON          
      COURSE                DESCRIPTION                        EQUIVALENT       
     BG2009                 BIOMECHANICS                       BIO E 320        
     BG3002                 CONTROL IN BIOSYS                  BIO E 4**        
     BG3003                 SIGNAL PROC IN BIOSY               BIO E 4**        
     BG3004                 BIOMEDICAL IMAGING                 BIO E 431        
     BG4214                 BIOMEDICAL OPTICS                  BIO E 471        
     BG4215                                                    BIO E 4**        
     BG4234                 STEM CELL FUNDAMENTA               BIO E 4**        
     BG4236                 SPORTS ENGINEERING                 BIO E 4**        
     CH2002                 ORGANIC CH & SPECTRO               CH    223        
     EE2001                 CIRCUIT ANALYSIS                   E C E 202        
     EE2002                 ANALOG ELECTRONICS                 E C E 320        
     EE2004                 DIGITAL ELECTRONICS                E C E 201        
     EE2010                 SIGNALS & SYSTEMS                  E C E 330        
     EE3003                 INTEGRATED ELECT                   E C E 321        
     FE1002                 PHYSICS II                         PHYS  221        
     MS4510                 ADV BIOMATERIALS                   BIO E 4**        
     MS4511                 IMPLANTED BIOMED DEV               BIO E 4**        


     TRANSFER               TRANSFER COURSE                    CLEMSON          
      COURSE                DESCRIPTION                        EQUIVALENT       
     COMM                   DISCUSSION & DEBATE                COMM  361        
     ENGLISH C-7            READING/GRAMMAR                    ENGL  2**        
     JSC I-F                BUSHIDO: THE WAY OF                PHIL  2**        
     JSC J-F                JAPAN'S TRAD CULTURE               PO SC 372        
     JSC O-S                CONTEMPORARY ISSUES                PO SC 4**        
     JSC S-F                JAPANESE CULTURE AND               PHIL  3**        
     PHIL                   HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES                PHIL  3**