TRANSFER               TRANSFER COURSE                    CLEMSON          
      COURSE                DESCRIPTION                        EQUIVALENT       
     GITECI 30 27414        PHYSICS                            PHYS  122        
                                                               +PHYS  124       
                                                               +PHYS  221       
                                                               +PHYS  223       
     ININD 202 16120        BUS ADMIN I                        MGT   201        
     ININD 202 16121        BUS ADMIN II                       MGT   390        


     TRANSFER               TRANSFER COURSE                    CLEMSON          
      COURSE                DESCRIPTION                        EQUIVALENT       
     ADVT 11-140            INTERNET ADVERTISING               MKT   4**        
     AUST 11-105            AUSTRALIAN POP CULT                ENGL  355        
     AUST 11-203            AUSTRALIAN ENVIRONME               FOR   400        
     BMED 11-202            HUMAN BIOLOGY                      BIOL  103        
                                                               +BIOL  105       
     COMN 11-101            HUMAN COMMUNICATION                COMM  1**        
     COMN 12-203            MASS MEDIA                         COMM  302        
     COMN 12-204            INTERCULTURAL COMM                 COMM  480        
     COMN 12-270            COMM&SHARED LEAD GRP               COMM  350        
     COMN 12-273            WKPL REL,CAR PLAN                  COMM  3**        
     COMN 12-302            DIGITAL MEDIA&SOCIET               COMM  3**        
     COMN 13-306            ORGAN COMM & LEADERS               COMM  364        
     COMN 13-315            INTERACTIVE EXPERIEN               COMM  3**        
     COMN 13-600            COMM:SPEC TOPICS                   COMM  366        
     COMN 13-700            INTERNSHIP                         COMM  390        
     CORE11-101             PUBL SPKG:PRES SKILL               COMM  250        
     CRIM 11-100            CRIME & DEVIANCE AUS               PHIL  3**        
     CRIM 11-114            MEDIA AND CRIME                    COMM  3**        
     FINC 11-100            INTRO TO FINANCE                   FIN   306        
     FORS 13-320            INTRO TO FORENSIC SC               ANTH  353        
     HLSC 12-122            DEVELOPMENTAL DISABI               HLTH  2**        
     IBUS 13-353            INTERNATIONAL MARKET               MKT   427        
     IBUS 13-354            CROSS CULTURAL MGT                 MGT   423        
     LAWS 13-115            CONTEMP ISSUES IN LA               LAW   499        
     MGMT 11-101            ORGANISATIONAL BEHAV               MGT   400        
     MGMT 13-307            CONCEPTS OF STRATEGY               MGT   415        
     PSYC 11-116            LOVE, SEX & RELATION               PSYCH 3**        
     PSYC 12-325            SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY                  PSYCH 352        
     PSYC 13-316            MOTIVATION & EMOTION               PSYCH 330        
     PUBR 11-100            PUBLIC RELATN PRIN &               CTE   468        
     PUBR 12-235            MEDIA RELATIONS                    COMM  356        
     PUBR 12-250            PUBLIC RELATION WRIT               COMM  3**        
     PUBR 12-312            PUBL RELAT CAMP & ST               COMM  456        


     TRANSFER               TRANSFER COURSE                    CLEMSON          
      COURSE                DESCRIPTION                        EQUIVALENT       
     ACTG 1P91              INTRO FIN ACCT                     ACCT  201        
     ACTG 2P12              INTRO MGMT ACCT                    ACCT  202        
     ACTG 2P40              COMMERCIAL LAW                     LAW   322        
     BIOL 1F25              BIOL: A HUMAN PERSP                BIOL  121        
                                                               +BIOL  120       
     CLAS 1P95              MYTHS OF GRK & ROMAN               ENGL  350        
     ECON 1P91              PRIN OF MICROECON                  ECON  211        
     ECON 1P92              PRIN OF MACROECON                  ECON  212        
     ECON 2P23              MANAGERIAL ECON                    ECON  306        
     ENTR 2P51              ENTREPRENEURSHP BASI               MKT   314        
     GBLS 1F93              ORDER & CHAOS IN COS               ELECTIVE         
     HIST 1P98              WEST EUR SOC & POL                 HIST  172        
     SCIE 1P51              SCIENCE & SOCITY II                S T S 120        
     WRIT 1P93              ACAD WRIT 4 SOCI SCI               ENGL  202        


     TRANSFER               TRANSFER COURSE                    CLEMSON          
      COURSE                DESCRIPTION                        EQUIVALENT       
     XXXXX1                 LIT FOR YOUNG PEOPLE               ENGL  202        
     +XXXX18                LIT FOR YOUNG PEOPLE                                
     XXXXX2                 LAW I                              ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX3                 THEOLOGY&RELIGIOUS E               ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX4                 PRACTICE&METHODS IN                ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX5                 ART I                              ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX6                 HANDICRAFTS I                      ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX7                 MUSIC I                            ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX8                 RHYTHMICS I                        ELECTIVE         
     XXXXX9                 SPORTS                             ELECTIVE         
     XXXX10                 SOCIAL PEDAGOGICAL P               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX11                 ELEM PEDAGOGICS I                  ELECTIVE         
     XXXX12                 MUSIC W/INSTRUMENTAL               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX13                 BIOLOGY I                          ELECTIVE         
     XXXX14                 FOREIGN LANG (ENGLIS               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX15                 CHOIR                              ELECTIVE         
     XXXX16                 BIOLOGY & HEALTH I                 HLTH  250        
     +XXXX32                BIOLOGY & HEALTH II                                 
     XXXX17                 THERAPEUTIC PEDAGOGY               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX19                 LAW II                             ELECTIVE         
     XXXX20                 PRACTICE&METHODS IN                ELECTIVE         
     XXXX21                 ART II                             ELECTIVE         
     XXXX22                 HANDICRAFTS II                     ELECTIVE         
     XXXX23                 MUSIC II                           ELECTIVE         
     XXXX24                 RHYTHMICS II                       ELECTIVE         
     XXXX25                 SPORTS II                          ELECTIVE         
     XXXX26                 SOCIAL PEDGAGICAL PR               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX27                 ELEM PEDAGOGICS II                 ELECTIVE         
     XXXX28                 YOUTH WORK I                       ELECTIVE         
     XXXX29                 RHYTHMICS                          ELECTIVE         
     XXXX30                 BIOLOGY II                         ELECTIVE         
     XXXX31                 FOREIGH LANG (ENGLIS               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX33                 THERAPEUTIC PEDAGOGY               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX34                 LIT FOR YOUNG PEOPLE               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX35                 LAW III                            ELECTIVE         
     XXXX36                 THEOLOGY&RELIGIOUS E               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX37                 PRACTICE&METHODS IN                ELECTIVE         
     XXXX38                 ART III                            ELECTIVE         
     XXXX39                 HANDICRAFTS III                    ELECTIVE         
     XXXX40                 MUSIC III                          ELECTIVE         
     XXXX41                 SPORTS                             ELECTIVE         
     XXXX42                 PRACTICE TEACHING                  ELECTIVE         
     XXXX43                 ELEM PEDAGOGICS III                ELECTIVE         
     XXXX44                 YOUTH WORK II                      ELECTIVE         
     XXXX45                 RHYTHMICS IV                       ELECTIVE         
     XXXX46                 BIOLOGY III                        ELECTIVE         
     XXXX47                 FOREIGN LANG (ENGLIS               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX48                 PRACTICAL PROF TRAIN               ELECTIVE         
     XXXX49                 FINAL COLLOQUIUM                   ELECTIVE         
     XXXX50                 RHYTMICS III                       ELECTIVE         


     TRANSFER               TRANSFER COURSE                    CLEMSON          
      COURSE                DESCRIPTION                        EQUIVALENT       
     XXX XX1                FORIEGN LANG ENGL                  NO CREDIT        
     XXX XX2                PARTY BASI KNOWLEDGE               NO CREDIT        
     XXX XX3                ADV MATH                           ELECTIVE         
     XXX XX4                DESCRIPTIVE GEOM                   NO CREDIT        
     XXX XX5                FUND OF CMPTR INFO                 ELECTIVE         
     XXX XX6                MORAL EDUCATION                    NO CREDIT        
     XXX XX7                PHYSICAL EDUCATION                 ELECTIVE         
     XXX XX8                INTRO MECH ENG & AUT               ELECTIVE         
     XXX XX9                MODERN CHINESE HIST                NO CREDIT        
     XXX X10                FORIEGN LANG ENGL 2                NO CREDIT        
     XXX X11                LINEAR ALGEBRA                     MTHSC 311        
     XXX X12                ADV MATH                           ELECTIVE         
     XXX X13                GEN PHYSICS                        ELECTIVE         
     XXX X14                MECH DRAWING                       ELECTIVE         
     XXX X15                FUND VISU BASI PROG                ELECTIVE         
     XXX X16                PHYSICAL EDUCATION                 ELECTIVE