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A.Family Needs

  1. Total number in family:
  2. Number of children:
    • Ages:
  3. Family activities - State yes or no and add comments where appropriate.
    • Outdoor cooking or dining:
    • Particular activities or areas for children:
    • Swimming or wading:
    • Private sitting area:
    • Work areas:
    • Laundry drying area:
    • Optional area for a particular sport
  4. Entertaining:
    • General type:
    • Usual number of guests:
    • Parking capacity:
  5. Gardening
    • Flower beds:
    • Vegetable garden:
    • Coldframes:
    • Compost bin:
    • Greenhouse:
    • Herb garden:
    • Fruit trees or vines:
    • Water garden-pond or fountain:
  6. Animals:
    • Pets (number and kinds):
    • Any housing needed for pets (or special fencing):
    • Interest in birds:
  7. Maintenace:
    • Is the care of your garden of interest to you?
    • Would you prefer to minimize maintenance?
    • Are you interested in an automatic watering system?
  8. Storage - Any problems storing:
    • Trailers:
    • Boats:
    • Garden Equipment:
    • Toys:
    • Cooking Equipment:
    • Outdoor furniture:

B. Site Analysis:

  1. Do you feel that any areas have to steep a slope?
  2. Are there any sunken areas that need to be filled?
  3. Does water drain onto walks and drives?
  4. Does water stand on paved areas?
  5. Is drainage poor from the house or other structures?
  6. Are there drainage problems from or onto neighbors property?
  7. Is septic tank drainage a consideration?
  8. Does drainage from roof affect ground drainage or plantings adversely?
  9. Are there eroded areas on the site?
  10. Are there any areas that cause dust problems?
  11. Do any trees or shrubs need to be removed (diseased, etc.)?
  12. Does lawn need improvement?
  13. Are there any trees or shrubs which you feel are particularly outstanding or are of interest?
  14. Are there bodies of water or rock outcroppings that you may want to feature?
  15. Do you feel a general need for more protection from sun or wind outdoors?
  16. Do unshaded paved areas greatly increase the temperature or your yard in the summer?
  17. Are there any areas that are a problem in the winter?
  18. Could the "climate" within your home be improved (by shade to decrease heat or wind protection to protect from cold?
  19. Are there specific good or bad views?
  20. Are there any bright lights or signs which you find disturbing?
  21. Are there any noises from a nearby road, etc., that are a problem?
  22. Are there any views that your neighbors have of your property that you might want to change?
  23. Do people cut through your yard?
  24. Do any walks or drives need to be widened?
  25. Do you have adequate space for parking?
  26. Do you feel that too much of your yard is paved?
  27. Are any walks or drives inconvenient (do not lie where everyone tends to walk, dangerous intersection between drive and road, etc.)?
  28. Is the material used for the paved or graveled areas unsatisfactory (too much glare, slick in the rain, not in harmony with the mateials used in the house, etc.)?
  29. Is any paved area cracked or uneven enough to cause possible injury?

The mission of Clemson University's Department of Horticulture is to promote personal and professional growth through the discovery, communication, and application of horticultural experiences, knowledge, and scholarship. Our work fosters environmental stewardship while improving economic wellbeing, health, and quality of life for all.

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