E.K Sparks
Engl 450
Spring 2004
MW 1:25-2:15 D 413
T 3:30-6:15 D313

Science Fiction Film-- Spring 2004
Definitive Web Syllabus
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Definitions & HistoryHero's Journey | 50's: Alien Invasions | 60's Holocausts70's Critiques | 80's Postmodern SF | 90's Commerce

Metropolis| Star Wars | The Thing and Day the Earth Stood Still | Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Them! | Dr. Strangelove | 2001 | Silent Running and Dark Star The Stepford Wives|Alien | Blade Runner | Total Recall | Aliens and Independence Day | The Matrix

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1. W, Jan 7: Intro to course [Syllabus,  Policy Statement]

Definitions and History of SF Film
2. M, Jan 12: Readings on Definition: [ Bibliography, Reserve List] T, Jan 13: LAB1: A&E: History of SF Film
Intro to History of SF Film Chronological Chart
3. W, Jan 14: Readings on History of SF Film:
  • ??Handy, Intro to Overlook SF Encyclopedia 
    M, Jan 19: MLK Holiday

  • Journal #1: Intro to self and discussion of definition and history of SF film.  Due by Tuesday Jan 20.  Hard Copy at my office (613 Strode) plus e-mail to list
    LAB2: Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1924) Web Page on SF Utopias and Metropolis
    4. W, Jan 21: Discuss Readings on Metropolis Required: Extra Credit

    The Hero’s Journey
    5. M, Jan 26: Readings on Hero’s Journey: LAB3: Star Wars IV (New Hope) and V (Empire Strikes Back 6. W, Jan 28: Discuss Campbell Quest and Readings on Star Wars Journal #2: Metropolis; The Hero’s Journey and a SF film of your choice:  DUE F, Feb 6

    The 50's:Alien Invasions and Creature Features Web Site on 50's SF Film
    7. M, Feb 2: Iconography of SF

    LAB4: The Thing (1951) and The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
    My viewing Notes on The Thing from Another Planet
    My viewing Notes on The Day the Earth Stood Still

    End Xerox Installment I/ Begin Installment II
    8. W, Feb 4: Discuss Readings on The Thing and Day the Earth Stood Still

    Comparsion/Contrast of The Thing and Day the Earth Stood Still

    9. M, Feb 9: Readings on Invasion of the Body Snatchers I Biblio on IBS

    LAB5:  Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) and THEM (1954)
    My viewing Notes on Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    My viewing Notes on THEM

    10. W, Feb 11: Invasion of the Body Snatchers II

    Journal #3 Fifties Movies (Thing, Day Earth Stood Still, Invasion of BS, Them): M, Feb 16

    The 60's : Holocausts and Expanded Visions Holocaust Films |
    11. M, Feb 16: Readings on Disasters LAB6: Dr. Strangelove (1964) Dr. Strangelove Web Site & Biblio
    My viewing Notes on Dr. Stranglelove  | Sean Callot's Viewing Notes
    Class Discussion Notes on Dr. Strangleove | Sean's Class Notes
    12. W, Feb 18: Discuss Readings on Strangelove F, Feb 20: Proposal and Initial Reference biblio for Research Project due
    List of some critical articles for Research Projects
    The Research Project
    End Xerox Installment II/ Begin Installment III

    13. M, Feb 23: Readings on 2001 I  2001 Web Site & Biblio LAB 7: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
    My viewing Notes on 2001
    List of things to talk about re: 2001
    Hero's Journey in 2001
    14. W, Feb 25: Readings on 2001 II Journal #4 – Kubrick (Dr. Strangelove  and 2001): Due M, Mar 1

    The 70's: Critiques  Web Site on 70's Critiques
    15. M, Mar 1: MIDTERM (take-home) | Core List of Articles LAB8: Silent Running (1971) and Dark Star (1973)
    My viewing Notes on Silent Running
    My viewing Notes on Dark Star

    16. W, Mar 3: Discuss Silent Running and Dark Star

    Midterm due by Monday Mar 8.

    The 70's: Gender Issues
    17. M, Mar 8: Readings on Gender Issues: Gender Issues in SF Film LAB9:  The Stepford Wives (1975)
    My viewing Notes on Stepford Wives
    18. W, Mar 10:  Discuss Movie.  Readings on Sex in SF Films Journal #5 – Seventies Critiques and Gender Issues (Silent Running, Dark Star, Stepford ): Due M, Mar 22

    SPRING BREAK (March15-19) 

    The 70's: Horror meets SF
    19. M, Mar 22: Alien Contexts  Critical Biblio on Alien and Sequals LAB10: Alien (1979)
    My viewing Notes on Alien
    Study Questions on Alien
    Alien and Campbell

    20. W, Mar 24:  Readings on Alien

    F, Mar 26: 5 Summaries of important articles DUE 
    End Xerox Installment III/ Begin Installment IV

    The 80's: The Future Revisioned: Postmodernism meets SF
    21. M, Mar 29: Alien and Blade Runner LAB11: Blade Runner (1982) Web Site on Blade Runner and the Postmodern City
    My viewing Notes on Blade Runner (conceptual, visual, allusions)
    A Transcript of the Script of the 1982 Version of the Film
    22. W, Mar 31: Discuss Blade Runner

    23. M, Apr 5:  Philip K. Dick and SF Film

    LAB12: Total Recall (1989)
    My viewing Notes on Total Recall
    Topics to Discuss on Total Recall
    Student Web Page on Total Recall
    Script of Total Recall
    Links to Sites Explaining/ Defining Postmodernism
    24. W, Apr 7: Readings on Total Recall

    The 90's: Commerce is Our Goal
    25. M, Apr 12: Discuss final exam: essay and ID’s; SF Film in the 90's.
    Science Fiction Film Criticism LAB13: Aliens (1987) (154 min extended) and/or Independence Day (1996)
    My viewing Notes on Aliens
    Class Discussion on Aliens
    Campbell Chart on Aliens
    26. W, Apr 14:  Discuss Readings on Aliens and Independence Day Journal #7 – Postmodern SF (Blade Runner, Total Recall, Aliens, ID4): Due M, Apr 19 ??

    27. M, Apr 19:  Readings on The Matrix LAB14: The Matrix (2000)  Matrix Links
    My viewing Notes on The Matrix
    28: W, Apr 21:  Discuss Matrix and Final Exam

    F, Apr 24: Final Research Paper/ Project DUE
    Journal #8 – Matrix and Wrap-up Retrospective: Due M, Apr 26??