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Ph. D Students


Roy T Littleton

Education: Ph.D Physics 2001

Research:Investigation of Transition Metal Pentallurides as Potential Low temperature Thermoelectric Refrigeration Material

Gary Lamberton

Education: Ph.D Physics 2004

Research: Thermoelctric Properties of Europium and Ytterbium Doped CoSb3 Skutterdites and Novel Transport in Type II Silicon Clathrates.

Nathon Lowhorn

Education: Ph.D Physics 2005

Research: Effect of Rate- Earth Doping on Thermoelectric and Electrical Trasport Properties of transition Metal Pentatelluride HfTe5

Amy Pope

Education: Ph.D Physics 2002

Research: Electrical and Thermal Transport in Quasicrystals Systems.

Tang Xiaofeng

Education: Ph.D Physics 2005

Research: Thermoelectric properties of NaCo2O4 Ceramic Oxide Material.

David Weston

Education: Ph.D Physics 2004

Research: Quantitative Evaluation of Rubber/Silica Particle Interphase through Measurement of Heat Capacity

Sriparna Bhattacharya

Education: Ph.D Physics Dec 2003

Research:Investigation of Thermoelctric Properties of Ti- Based Half Heusler Alloys

Nicoleta Hickman Sorloaica

Education: Ph.D Physics 2006

Research:Thermoelectric properties of TiNiSn Half Heuslers Compounds

Bo Zhang

Education: Ph.D Physics 2008

Research:Clathrates and Skutterudites

Paola N. Alboni

Education: Ph.D Physics 2008

Research:Clathrates and Skutterudites

Zhe Su

Education: Ph.D Material Science and Engineering 2009

Research:The characterization of thermoelectric materials such as Bi2Te3, InSb, etc. The characterization of low dimensional materials such as NaV2O5

Xiaohua Ji

Education: Ph.D Materials Science & Engineering from Zhejiang University, China

Research:Nano/Bulk/Composite thermoelectric Preparation, characterization and Property investigation.

Masters Students


Huqin Zhang

Education: M.S Physics 2007

Research: Thermoelectric Properties of Investigation of Ir3Ge7 Typed Representatives

Brad Edwards

Education:M.S Physics 2007

Research:Comparision of Thermal Properties of Arc Melted and Hot Pressed Half-Heusters

M. Fahkruddin

Education: M.S Physics 1998


Mike Kaesar

Education: M.S Physics 2007

Research:Thermoelectric Propperties of Rare Earth Filled skutterite Compound Cobalt Tri-Antimode

Justine Edwards

Education:M.S Physics 2007

Research: Thermal Conductivity Methods

John Cook

Education: M.S Physics 2005

Research: System for the measurement of thermal conductivity using 3omega method.

Florin Lung

Education: M.S Physics 2009

Research: Coulomb and thermal drag in bilayer systems and superlattices

Song Zhu

Education: M.S Physics 2009

Research: Studying the sample mount & measure technology

Under-Graduate Students

Education: B.S Physics 2009
Clemson University; Clemson, South Carolina


Mercy Lard  
Visiting Scholars  
Jiangying Peng Research: Skutterudite materials


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