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Projects:Half Heuslers

Investigating Multi-component p-type half-Heusler alloys is one of our primary focuses. High thermopower α ~ 170 μV/K or larger and moderate figure of merit ZT ~ 0.2 have been demonstrated already.  Our objective is to indentify one alloy system with ZT as high as that of n-type half-Heuslers. p-type half-Heuslers will be more useful as they have the potential to replace existing p-type Si-Ge alloys for energy conversion. In addition, we also synthesize and study nanoparticles added half-Heuslers. Our objective here is to reduce thermal conductivity without increasing electrical resistivity.  Since half-Heuslers exhibit relatively large thermal conductivity (~ 4.5 W/m-K around 1000 K), the possibility of reducing it either by submicron/nano size particles consolidation or by nanoparticle addition is very high.


Zintl phases as thermoelectric materials
Because of unique structural features, Zintl phases can exhibit extremely low thermal conductivity. Our preliminary measurements indicates that thermal conductivity of M16X11 type alloys (where M=Ca & Yb ; X= Sb & Bi) can be extremely low. Our focus here is to identify one system with high thermoelectric power factor.

V Ponnambalam


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