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Eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.
Mark Twain

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The ABC’s of Growing Healthy Kids: Children 2-6 Years
College of Agricultural Sciences, Cooperative Extension, Penn State University (2001)
Are you and your child having problems at mealtimes? Does it seem as if your child won’t eat anything anymore? You are not alone! ... more

The ABC’s of Growing Healthy Kids: Picky Eaters
College of Agricultural Sciences, Cooperative Extension, Penn State University (2001)
What appears to be "picky" eating may be your preschooler's early bouts of independence. Before a picky eater becomes ... more


NIRC Lending Library

Childhood Nutrition Preventing Obesity
InJoy Videos (2005)
This three-volume set uses smart strategies and straight talk to stop weight problems and promote healthy habits, so kids can ... more

Food Science
Potter and Hotchkiss (1998)
This new edition retains the basic format and pedagogical features of previous editions and provides an up-to-date foundation ... more

Food for Thought. From the New Parent Series.
KNB Productions and AGC Educational Media (1995)
Provides suggestions for the appropriate way to encourage appropriate behavior at meal times and how to deal with picky eater ... more

Madeline At Cooking School
Heyward, A, London,R, Cooper, S, and Kohner, P (1993)
Madeline and her schoolmates attempt to prepare a meal for the very important, very picky Lord Koo-Kooface. more

You Can Help Pregnant & Parenting Teens. Book 2 Curriculum Guide.
Lindsay, JW (1993)
This book includes lesson plans, group activities, puzzles, projects, case studies, reader theater, and a teen father curricu ... more


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