The Globe Theatre

If you were standing on the stage of the Globe Theater reciting the lines of Hamlet or Othello what would you see?

Perhaps you were a patron in the upperseats of the house. How good would your view be?

To view the Virtual Globe Theater there are two methods:

  1. Click HERE to begin downloading the quicktime movie which will show what the theater would look like if you were wearing the helmet.  It is a large file (2.5 MB) and will take some time to download (but it is definately worth the wait).
  2. Click HERE  for a VIRTUAL TOUR which is faster loading because it is "screen shots" of the actual tour configured to give you a "virtual walkthrough of the theatre. 

Thanks to Karl Herbst and the Clemson University VR Project you can answer these questions without ever leaving the campus. Herbst,who now works for Rythmn and Hues where his work can be seen in the recent movie MouseHunt, began as a VR student here in 1995 Herbst, and used the blueprints from the reconstruction of the theatre to model the Globe in a 3-Dimension walkthrough environment. The model theater can be viewed on any of the VR-net stations located around the campus, however in Rhodes Hall it can be viewed via stereo helmet on what has come to be known as the "Reality Monster". This allows for complete emmersion into the environment the user the perspective that they are standing inside the Globe itself, without the maddening crowd, of course.