Students included are for academic year 2014-2015, first to fourth year.


Dina Septiani S Basuki, second year as Fulbright student, Indonesia

• BA, Communication, Inholland U -- Hogeschool Holland (van Diemen)
• MA, Communication, The Hague U -- Haagse Hogeschool

Interests: consumer culture, branding, social media marketing.

Presentations: "Interactive Political Communication and the rise of social media in Indonesia." At the Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit, October 12-13, 2013 at McCormick Place West in Chicago, IL.




Charmayne L. Smalls Brown, second year
Rejoice Magazine

• BA: Mass Communication (Broadcast Journalism); The College of Charleston, SC
• MBA: Business Administration (Entrepreneurship); Nova Southeastern U,, FL

Interests: Media Studies, Communications Studies, Creative Writing, Marketing Communications, Broadcast Journalism, Entrepreneurship, Public Relations, Documentary Films, and Corporate and Small Business Consulting.




Karyn S. Campbell, first year

• BA Journalism, Valparaiso U
• MA Journalism, U of South Carolina

Interests: Visual Rhetoric, Graphic Design, Writing for the Web and Social Media, Mass Media Convergence, Cross-Cultural Communication, English for Second Language Learners, Student Media.




Daphne-Tatiana T. Canlas, third year as Fulbright student, Philippines

• BA Broadcast Communication, U of the Philippines, Diliman
• MA Media Studies (Broadcast), U of the Philippines, Diliman

Interests: social media practices, new media and internet studies, specifically the politics of the "everyday" in amateur web video, diasporic Filipinos' and young people's uses of digital media, new modes of content production using digital devices, digital ethnography.

Presentations: "Everyday Images in Web Video: Locations of Expression and Identity." College of Mass Communication, University of the Philippines, Diliman. January 2012.

"A Cast of Billions: Web Video and its Mainstream implications," Archaeological Studies Department, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of the Philippines, Diliman, August 2011.

"myCAST: Amateur Video on the Web and Philippine mainstream television," College of Mass Communication, University of the Philippines, Diliman, August 2010.

"Created, Produced, and Starred in by... Me: Amateur Video on the Web and Its Implications for Philippine Mainstream Television." 6th International Conference on Intelligent Environments. Monash University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 20 July 2010.

“Fragments of Filipino-ness: Identification and Identity in Amateur Video.” Ninth Triennial Conference of the Kenneth Burke Society, St. Louis University, Missouri, July 2014.

"How is the Other Side? Exploring Filipino-ness through the online performance of the everyday on YouTube." Research Network Forum at Conference on College Composition and Communication, Indianapolis, Indiana, March 2014.

"Electrate Scholarship in a Mobile World, " Computers and Writing Conference, June 2013. With Jan Rune Holmevik, Heather Christiansen, Matthew Osborn and Lauren Woolbright.

Publications: "The Way They See It: Gender Readings of Filipino Children's Programs on Mainstream Television." Review of Women's Studies 20 (1-2): 66-86.





A. D. Carson, second year
Aydee The

• Millikin U, English [Secondary Teaching], English-Writing
• U of Illinois [Springfield], English

Interests: rap/rhetoric, the poetics of Hip-Hop, de/composition, social media, poetry, education, African-American Literature, Literature.

Presentations: (Selections) “On iPads and uPads: The Digital Divide and High School Classroom English.” NCTE, Boston, MA, 2013.

"Cold, A Novel by A.D. Carson." Writing Out Loud Book Fair and Author Showcase, Bloomington, Illinois, February 2012.

"Oedipus—Not So Complex: A Blueprint for Literary Education through Jay-Z Lyrics." Raising Student Achievement Conference, sponsored by the Regional Office of Superintendents, St. Charles IL, December 2010.

"It's Not What THEY Say, but What YOU Do: Issues of Public Health, Hip-Hop Lyrics and Personal Responsibility." 2010 Hip-Hop Health Summit/Symposium, presented by BASUAH (Brothers and Sisters United Against HIV/AIDS), IL Department of Public Health and University of Illinois, Springfield, March 2010.

"The Hip-Hop Generation: Old School v. New School." NAACP State Meeting, Springfield, IL, September 2008.

"Issues THEMpire: The Retrenchment of English Studies in the Face of the Cultural Other." The Purpose(s) of English: A Conference on the Future of English Studies, University of Illinois at Springfield, October 2008.

"The Hip-Hop Generation: Old School v. New School." NAACP State Meeting, Rock Island, IL, October 2007.

Publications: Cold: A Multimedia Novel. Mahomet, IL: Mayhaven Publishers, 2011.

The City: [un]poems, thoughts, rhymes & miscellany. Mahomet, IL: Mayhaven Publishers, 2012.

"Oedipus-Not-So-Complex: A Blueprint for Literary Education." in JAY-Z: Essays on Hip Hop's Philosopher King, Ed. Julius Bailey. Foreword, Cornel West. Jefferson, NC: McFarland Publishers, 2011

"Trimalchio From Chicago: Flashing Lights and The Great Kanye in West Egg," in The Cultural Impact of Kanye West. Edited by Julius Bailey. Palgrave Macmillan [March 2014].




Heather Christiansen, third year

• BA Graphic Communications, Clemson U
• MA Professional Communication, Clemson U

Interests: Visual rhetoric, the rhetoric of branding, identity, user experience design, consumer behavior and social influence.

Presentations: "Communicating User Experience." Research Network Forum at Conference on College Composition and Communication, Indianapolis, IN, March 2014.

"Designing Website Navigation Using Eye Tracking Technology." with Tharon Howard and Brian Gaines. Association for Business Communication, New Orleans, LA, October 2013.



Kathy Elrick, third year

• BA Political Science, Illinois State U
• MS Politics & Government, Illinois State U
• MA English, Arcadia U

Interests: Political Rhetoric, American Political Theory, Framing, Classical Political Theory, Continental Philosophy, French Feminist Theory, Ironism and Absurdism, Deconstruction, Psychoanalytic Theory, Gender Studies and Queer Theory, Creative Writing.

Presentations: "One Occident, Two Orients: or How the Middle East was One," Performed in ISU's First annual Playwright's Workshop: festival of ten minute plays Fall 2005.

"Themes from Clinton’s 1992 Speeches: Role of Puritan Frames, the 'Nehemiah' and Jeremiad Rhetoric." Presented 2007 at the Midwest Political Science Association Conference (MPSA), Illinois State U Conference for Students of Political Science.

"Irony, Cynicism and Stases." Poster Session, American Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, August 2013.

"Narratives of Sadean Possibilities." Carolina Rhetoric Conference, U of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, March 2014.

"Irony, Cynicism and Stases." Poster Session, Clemson University Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS), Clemson U, April 2014.

Participant, LGBTQ Un-Conference at International Communication Association, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, May 2014.

"Burke & Mansplaining: Patriarchy, Women, and Politics." Kenneth Burke Conference, St. Louis U, St. Louis, MO, July 2014.

Publications: "Alice and Chico Marx Play Cards," SUISS program's Northern Lights Spring 2012.
"No Patience for Poetry" a poem, "Here’s Jonny." Euphemism, Illinois State U’s creative online journal Spring 2009.
"There's a Hair in my Capitalism" and "Memoriam of a Car Alarm." Euphemism, Illinois State U’s creative online journal in 2007.
"The Caffeinated Buzz," "Plaque," "All-American," and "Bittersweet What,"
The Iron Bridge, by Gail Borden Public Library in 2006.




Samuel Jackson Fuller, first year

• English Composition, U of South Carolina
• MA Professional Communication, Clemson U

Interests: ludology, electracy, [digital] publishing, linguistic psychology, multimodal composition pedagogy, poststructuralism, ecology, critical gastronomy, gardening, metacognition.

Presentations: "The Issue of Specialization in Higher Education." USC INK! Undergraduate English Conference, 2011.

"Satire, Politics and Ethos in the Digital Age: An Examination of the Rhetorical Practices of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report," Carolina Rhetoric Conference, 2012.



Dan Frank, first year

• BA Theatre/English, California State U, Fresno
• MA Literature/Composition, California State U, Fresno

Interests: Curriculum and Instruction, Education, Educational Media, Computer Education, Computer Science, Educational Psychology, Online Rhetoric Studies, Creative Writing, Software Engineering.

Presentations: June 2012: Summer Teaching Innovations Academy on redesigning the First Year Writing curriculum at Frseno State with using digital and online technology.

June 2012: San Joaquin Writing Project’s Invitational Summer Institute on collaborative online writing at the High School level.




Kristen Gay, second year

• English, U of South Florida (Professional and Technical Writing)
• U of South Florida (Rhetoric and Composition)

Interests: feminisms and rhetorics, health communication, electracy, contemporary rhetorical theory, new media, disability studies, illness narratives, graphic narratives, epistemic violence, rhetorics of witnessing.

Presentations: "Collaborative Model as Cyborg Pedagogy." Computers and Writing Conference. Rockford, Maryland. June 2013.

"Anorexia is Catching: Response-able Relationships with 'Infectious' Cybervoices." Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference. Palo Alto, California. September 2013.

"Blurring Traditional Roles: Assessment of a Collaborative Teaching Model for First-Year Writing." Writing Research Across Borders International Conference. Paris, France. February 2014.

"Breaking Up [at/with] Illness Narratives, or, Is it Okay to Laugh about Depression?" Comics and Medicine Conference. Baltimore, Maryland. June 2014.

Publications: "Strategies for Writing an Academic Reflection Essay." Network, Collaborate, Compose: New Media Writing in the Digital Age. Ed. Jennifer Yirinec. Tampa, Florida: Courseload, 2012. Web.

Santos, Marc C., Ella R. Bieze, Lauren E. Cagle, Jason Carabelli, Zachary P. Dixon, Kristen N. Gay, Sarah Beth Hopton, and Megan M. McIntyre. 2013. "Our [Electrate] Stories: Explicating Ulmer’s MyStory Genre." Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy 18.2 (Spring 2014): n.p. Web.




Eric Hall, fourth year

• BA English, The Master's College, Santa Clarita, CA
• MLitt Theology & the Arts, U of St. Andrews, Scotland

Interests: Anarchy (epistemological); the postmodern according to J.F. Lyotard and Jean Baudrillard; classical rhetoric and 15th and 16th century Humanist (re)interpretation of theology; rhetoric of technology, information design, the internet; anime and animation.

Presentations: Forthcoming.

Publications: Review of Saving Leonardo, by Nancy Pearcey. Themalios, May 2011.



Katherine Hanzalik, second year

• Journalism, Minor, Sociology, Ithaca College
• MFA: Writing, Savannah College of Art and Design
• MA: Liberal Studies, Dartmouth College

Interests: Writing program administration & (post)pedagogies concerned with: new media, electracy; transdisciplinarity/collaboration; aesthetics; Michel Foucault's power-knowledge and the University's rhetorical traditions/conventions; Cynthia Haynes—Writing Offshore; Victor Vitanza—Open Sky Writing; Gregory Ulmer, Post-Criticism.

Presentations: "Medium as Message: A Burkean Read of Aesthetic Transcendence and Collaborative Composition Practices," featured panel, "Art, Perception, and Attitudes Toward Technology/Technology's Attitudes," July 17, 2014, St. Louis, Missouri, Kenneth Burke Society Conference.

Publications: "The Modular Form: A review of Pafford and Fancher’s Potent Object Project," Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, September 2014.




Sharon Henry, fourth year

• BA English, Minors: linguistics and philosophy, The Ohio State U
• MA English, Composition, U of Akron
• MA English, Literature, U of Akron

Interests: Critical/Literary Theory, Postmodernism, Post-structuralism & Deconstruction, Theory and Criticism,, Derridian Linguistic Theory, Rhetoric and Literature of the Vietnam War, Oral Narrative, History of the English Language, and the Graphic Novel on Film.

Publications: "Guest Editors' Introduction: Crossroads, not Cross Purposes: Contingency, Vulnerability, and Alliances in the Contemporary Writing Program." Co-authored with Seth Kahn, West Chester U of PA and Amy Lynch-Binieck, Kutztown U of PA. Open Words – Special Issue 6.1 2012: 1-5.

Presentations: "(Mis)Fortune and Fame: Racial and Gender Passing in Hurst’s Imitation of Life," College English Association 2011 Annual Conference, March 2011.

"Yo-yos and M16s: Unspoken Voices of Childhood in O’Brien's 'How to Tell a True War Story,' " College English Association 2010 Annual Conference, March 2010.

"In the Shadow of Language: Misinterpretation and Mistranslation in A Canticle for Leibowitz," New Voices Conference: Rhetoric of the Apocalypse, October 2009.

Invited Presentations: "Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried," The Ohio State U, March 2011.

"Yo-yos and M16s: Tools and Toys in Tim O’Brien's 'How to Tell a True War Story,' " U of Akron, November 2010.

Plato's Symposium Discussion Facilitator, The Ohio State U, November 2007.



Josh Herron, second year

• BA English, North Greenville U
• MA English (Rhetoric and Composition), U of North Carolina at Greensboro

Interests: Composition pedagogy and theory; rhetorical history and theory; electracy; digital humanities; rhetoric and literature; cultural studies.

Presentations: “Redesigning First-Year Composition for the 21st Century.” Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence Workshop. Anderson University (S.C.). [with Cari Brooks and Paige Ellisor-Catoe] Fall 2014.

"Technology in the Process Writing Classroom." Mobile Technology and Student Learning in the K-12 Classroom: Making the Connection. Anderson University (S.C.). [with Cari Brooks] 31 July 2014.

"Economic Bricks and Rhetorical Mortar: The American Lyceum and the Young Republic’s Identity." South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference: Durham, N.C. 9 Nov 2012.

Publications: "Twitter in the Composition Classroom: Writing Collaboratively Through Digital Technology" and "From Written to Oral: Using a Venn Diagram to Teach Modality." Practical Composition: Exercises for the English Classroom from Working Instructors. Ed. Russell Brickey, Laura L. Beadling, Evelyn Martens. Jefferson, NC: McFarland and Co. 2014.




Walter Iriarte, fourth year

• BA English Humanities, Shawnee State University, Portsmouth, OH.
• MA English, Marshall University, Huntington, WV.
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, Information Design, Clemson U

Interests: Digital Rhetoric, Composition Studies, Digital Media, Poetic Play, Space.

Presentations: "Amazon and Target Churches: An Exploration of Cyber-Evangelism." Eastern Communication Association, Washington D.C. April 2011.

"Devising an Image: Burke’s Identification as Pedagogy." Kenneth Burke Society, Clemson, SC. May 2011.

"Speaking in Poetic Tongues: Why Poetry Enhances Communication." Carolina Communication Association. Aiken, SC. October 2012.

"Minecrafted Meaning: The Rhetoric of Poetry in Video Game Environments." American Culture Association, Washington, D.C. March 2013.

"Spatial Composition: Towards a Rhetoric of Interactive Delivery for the Composition Class." American Culture Association. Chicago, IL. April 2014.


Nicole Snell


Firasat Jabeen, first year as Fulbright student, Pakistan.

• BA Mass Communication and Psychology. Lahore College for Women U, Lahore. 2003.
• MS Mass Communication. Lahore College for Women U, Lahore, 2005.

Interests: Media and Peace building, Communication Theories, Radio Broadcasting, Media Laws and Ethics, Electronic Media, Advertising, Public Relations.

Selected Presentations:"Drone attacks over Pakistan: the analysis of the factors which influence opinion writers." (Accepted in the 2013 Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association Conference held at Bangkok, Thailand, on November 12-14, 2013).

"Pakistan Television dramas and the influence of various governmental regimes (A study of 30 years)." The Second International Symposium of Media & Mass Communication to on 10–14 September 2013 at Sunny Beach Resort, Bulgaria.

"Portrayal of Women in the advertisements of mobile services on Pakistani TV channels: A content analysis" (Presented in International Conference on "Media in the fast changing world" at Bali, Indonesia (May 7-9, 2009).

Selected Publications: "Portrayal of Women’s Issues in PTV Drama Serials: An Overview." Bodhi: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol.2, No.1, Serial No. 2, 2008 Dept. of Languages and Mass Communication, Kathmandu University, Nepal.

"Comparative Analysis of Pictorial Coverage of Events by Pakistan’s English Press”." Published in ‘ European Journal of Scientific Research ’ Vol. 20, No. 4 July, 2008. England.

"Peace journalism and the role of media for conflict resolution in perspective of Indo-Pak relations" IUB Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol. 9 No.2, 2011, Islamia University of Bahawalpur).

"Mohammad (PBUH) cartoon controversies and the use of different jouralistic stratigies in countering 'othering.' " IUB Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol. 11 No.2, 2012, Islamia University of Bahawalpur.



John Jay Jacobs, third year

• BS Graphic Communications, Clemson U
• MS Graphic Communications, Clemson U

Interests: Print and e-publishing, functional printing and packaging, corrugated as art, augmented reality, interactive print, cross-media communications, Role Play Gaming, spiritual science, multi-media artistic expression, eco-art.

Selected Publications: “Printing Electroluminescent Circuits: The Basics,”
July/August 2012 Industrial & Specialty Printing Magazine, ST Media Group, 07/2012.

“Electroluminescence: Shedding Some Light on Print,” 2011 Forecast Part 2: The Print Production Process, Printing Industries of America, 09/2011.

Rhetorical Innovation, a Review of "Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing." By Eliizabeth Losh, Jonathan Alexander, Kevin Cannon, and Zander Cannon. Kairos, 19.1 (August, 2014).

Selected Presentations: “Rethink Ink” IGAEA Conference, International Graphic Arts Educators Association, 7/2012.

"Emerging Print Technologies" NAPL/NPES Executive Briefings, National Association of Print Leaders and The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies, 5/2012 & 6/2012.

"Materials, Technologies and Production Methods for Printed Electronics" GAA 2011 Printed Electronics and Intelligent Packaging Symposium, Gravure Association of America, 10/2011.



Jonathan Lashley, second year

• BA English Literature, Western Washington U
• MA Professional Communication, Clemson U

Interests: Multimodal compositions, pedagogies, literacies, and rhetorics borrowed from abstraction, pragmatism, cooperation, adaptation, surrealism, abjection, objectification, animation, decomposition, horror, professionalism, purgatory, hospitality, rebellion, piracy, kitsch, and the body.

Presentations: "Dream-Reality and Casting the Subconscious in American Cinema." Western Washington U Scholars Week, April 2007.

"Animating Reality: Japanese Conceptions of Life Through Anime." Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference, March 2010.




Michael R. Lucas, fourth year

• BA English, Portland State U
• MA Literary and Cultural Studies, Carnegie Mellon U

Interests: humor, parody, and digital video production; public pedagogy that enables creativity; creative works that allow individuals to respond to power structures occurring both internally and externally. Influences: Frank J. D’Angelo, Friedrich Nietzsche, Gregory L. Ulmer, Henry Giroux, Michel de Certeau, Michel Foucault, Richard A. Lanham, Richard Rorty, Roland Barthes, Sarah Kofman, Laurence Sterne, Soren Kierkegaard, Virginia Woolf, Charlie Chaplin, Woody Allen, Monty Python, Tina Fey, Jack Handey, Stephen Colbert, Leslie Hall, Narrative Therapy, and Gorgias. 

Videos: The Council for Humanity and the Idea Crisis of 2015, 2011 Found Footage Short, Creator.

The Integrity of the Image, 2010 Found Footage Feature, Creator.

The Un/Intentional Series, 2012 Found Footage Shorts, Creator.

Confessions of Logos, 2011 Narrative Short, Creator.

Presentations: "Problematic Representations: 'Us' and the Celebration of Fiscal Irresponsibility in Popular Music," Reading For Class, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, May 2011.



Matthew Osborn, third year

• BA English, Saint John Fisher College
• MA English in Rhetoric and Composition, North Carolina State U.

Interests: rhetorics of aesthetics, aesthetics of rhetorics, metaphysics, aurality, sonic rhetorics, aesthetics and cultures of electronic dance music, novelty, surprise and eureka affects, suspense and thrill in literature and film, academic writing, electracy, aesthetic composition pedagogies.

Presentations: “Nietzsche, Postidentitarianism, and the Problem of Undecidability.” 2011 North Carolina State University Association of English Graduate Students Symposium, "Manifest Identity." February, 2011.

"Transformation of Apparatus in the Humanities as Reorientation: A Burkean Comment on Electracy," Kenneth Burke Society Conference, July 2014.

"Liminal Aesthetics in Electronic Dance Music," Rhetoric Society of America Conference, May 2014.

"Electrate Scholarship in a Mobile World," Computers and Writing
Conference, June 2013. With Jan Rune Homelvik, Heather Christiansen, Data Tolentino-Canlas, and Lauren Woolbright.

"Flash Advertising and the Un/Characteristic of Desire." Popular
Culture Association - American Culture Association Conference, March



Eda Ozyesilpinar, first year.

• BA in Turkish Language and Literature, Ege University, Izmir, Turkey.
• MA in English (concentrated on Rhetoric and Composition/Borderland Studies), Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

Interests: visual rhetoric, material rhetoric, cultural rhetoric, spacial theory--the connection between space and place and the impact of individual, cultural, and historical experience over space and place--physical and imagined borders in real and metaphorical spaces and places, composition studies, writing center, and second language writing.

Presentations: "Bridging the Gap: Analyzing the Reading to Write Development of L2 Writers through Writing Consultations." South Central Writing Center Association Annual Conference Corpus Christi, TX, 2013.

Poster presentation, "Teknolojik Turkce" (Technological Turkish). Second International Turkish Language and Literature student conference organized by Istanbul Kultur U, Istanbul,Turkey, 2008.

Publications:"Teknolojik Turkce" (Technological Turkish). (2009). Article in 2nd International Student Congress of Turkish Language and Literature: Proceedings. Eds. O. Ceylan, K. Sahan, H.B. Yesiltas, M.O. Hasdedeoglu, C.P. Torun, and E. Sarikaya. Vol. 2. (pp. 1312-1314). Istanbul, Turkey: TC Istanbul Kultur UP.



Mari E. Ramler, second year

• BS English Education, Bob Jones U
• M.Ed. Divergent Learning, Columbia College
• MA English Literature, Clemson U

Interests: post-pedagogy, blogs, the libidinal economy / education, psychotherapy, theology, literature and poetry, music, and pop culture.

Presentations: " 'The Act of Terror May Be the Only Meaningful Act': Obsession and Meaning in Don DeLillo's Falling Man." National Popular Culture & American Culture Conference, New Orleans, LA, April, 2009.

"The Commodification of the Good Girl: An Open Letter To Robin Thicke." 2014 Carolina Rhetoric Conference, Columbia, SC, March 1, 2014.

"Body-less Voices in the Burkean Parlor." 9th Triennial Kenneth Burke Conference, St Louis, MO, July 18, 2014.




Nathan D. Riggs, first year

• B.S.S. English & History, Ohio U
• MFA, Creative Writing (Poetry), Bowling Green State U

Interests: AI, Code Studies, Computer Viruses, Continental Philosophy, Critical Discourse Analysis, Critical Pedagogy, Electracy, Futurism, Glitches, Identity Formation, Marxism, "New" Media, Philosophy of Technology, Poetics, Posthumanism, Presocratics, Radicalism, Rhetorical Theory, Semiotics, Simulation, Tactical Media & Video Game Studies.

Presentations: “Booze, Drugs and Writers: an exploration of substance abuse in the Literary Arts.” Winter Wheat Writing Festival, Bowling Green University, November 2010.

“Generating Poetry through moving images.” Toledo School for the Arts, Toledo OH, March 2011.

“Collapsing Cultures & Darkened Dreamscapes: Societies and Imaginations in a State of Disorder.” Battleground States Conference, Bowling Green, OH. February 2011.

“Dissonance in Language and Imagery.” Winter Wheat Writing Festival, Bowling Green OH. November 2011.



S. Andrew Stowe "Drew," third year

• BA Communication Studies, Emphasis in Journalism, U of South Carolina, Upstate.
• MA Professional Communication, Clemson U.

Interests: Interdisicplinary Studies, Rhetorics of Identity, Communication Theory, Sport Studies, Media Studies, Medical Rhetorics, Social Media, Image Repair, Writing Center Pedagogy, Multimodal Composition, Online Education, Narrative Studies (particularly deception and rationalization techniques).

Presentations: “Theory and Student Perceptions of Multimodal and Traditional Composition,” CCCC, Indianapolis, IN. March 2014.

“Participatory Composition in the Age of Electracy,” CCCC Research Network Forum, Indianapolis, IN. March 2014.

“Re/Mix and Heuretics” A Panel with Julie Thompson Klein and Jennifer Dellner, The Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, Oxford, OH. October 2013.

“Apple iBook Software” with Jan Holmevik and Jay Jacobs, Workshop, Computers and Writing Conference, Frostburg, MD. 2013.

“The Interdisciplinary Nature of Multimodality,” Association for Integrative Studies, Rochester, MI. October 2012.

“Using Eye Tracking to Understand How Identity is Constructed on Social Media Websites,” Computers and Writing Research Network Forum, Raleigh, NC. May 2012.

“Potential Research in Usability with Eye Tracking,” EyeSay: Visionaries in Usability Webinar. November 2011.

“A MEmorial to the Chilean Miners: The (W)hole Experience,” With Dan Liddle and Mike Utley. Carolina Rhetoric Conference; Clemson, SC. February 2012.

“The Rhetoric and Motives of Identity Performance,” Research Forum Presenter, Carolina Rhetoric Conference; Columbia, SC. February 2011.

Publications:  With J. Mazer, “Teacher Immediacy and Verbal Aggression,” The Western Journal of Communication. Forthcoming.
Review of CCCC 2014 Presentation: “Open Axes: Identities, Technologies, and Pedagogies at Play,” Kairos A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. First Published in Vol. 19.1. Fall 2014.
“Digital_Humanities: A Book Review,” Pathways, The Association for Interdisciplinary Studies quarterly newsletter. Spring 2014.
“The Inherent Interdisciplinarity of Multimodal Composition,” Pathways, The Association for Integrative Studies quarterly newsletter. October 2012.



Joshua A. Wood, first year

• BA English, U of Texas at Arlington, 2009.
• MA English/Creative Writing, 2012.

Interests: Rhetorics/Theories of Identity, Post-Structuralism, Subjectivity, Jacques Lacan, Rhetorical Theory, Feminisms and Gender Studies, Social Media, Creative Writing.

Presentations: “Butler with Lacan: An Inquiry into Gender in the Digital Age.” Presented at University of North Texas Critical Voices Conference.

Publications: "South to Laredo." North Texas Review (Spring 2012): 59-65.



Lauren Woolbright, third year

• BA English Literature, U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
• MA English Literature, Clemson U.

Interests: Game studies, gender studies, video game design, women in literature and folklore, ecocriticism, creative pedagogy, serious games, postcolonial literature, world literature, ecology..

Presentations: "What Nature Offers Culture: Slavery, Community, and the Natural World in Beloved and The Known World,"  Acacia Conference, 2010, California State U, Fullerton, CA.

"Building Ecological Cultures: Slave Relationship to Environments", Association of English Graduate Instructors and Students Conference, 2010, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL.

"Blame it on Human Nature: A Green Reading of the Green Knight", First Annual Association of Literature, Environment, and Culture in Canada Conference, 2010, Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia, Canada.

" 'You can understand now?': The Possibility of Ecological Trauma in the bone people," Ninth Association for Studies of Literature and Environment Biennial Conference, 2011, Indiana U, Bloomington, IN.

"Players Gone Wild: World of Warcraft's Ecological Ethics," Tenth Association for Studies of Literature and Environment Biennial Conference, 2013, Kansas U, Lawrence, KS.

"Mystorical Composition," Computers and Writing, 2013, Frostburg State U, Frostburg, MD.

"Serious Games and Serious Issues" Ecocriticism in Mojang's Minecraft," Carolina Rhetoric Conference 2014, U South Carolina, Columbia, SC.

"Play as Pedagogy," Conference on College Communication and Composition, 2014, Indianapolis, IN.

"Vampires and Video Games," Digital Humanities Summer Institute, 2014, U Victoria, Victoria, Canada.

Publications: Book Review: The Culture of Disaster, in Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment. September 3, 2013. 1-2.



Hayley Zertuche, third year

• BA Psychology, St. Ambrose University
• BS Biology, St. Ambrose University
• MA English, Western Illinois University

Interests: visual rhetorics, critical animal studies, animals in visual culture, new material rhetorics and feminisms, science studies, the biological evolution of rhetoric following George Kennedy, the rhetoric of sexual selection, complexity theory and emergence, biosemiotics, bioart, visual forms of dissent, visual countercultures, electracy and material pedagogies.

Select Presentations: "The Rhetoric of New Media Animal and Environmental Activism: Examining Deluca’s ‘Image Events'." English Graduate Organization Annual Conference, Western Illinois University, October 2011.

"Following a Hoot into the Dark: Rethinking Animal Rhetorics." Conference on College Composition and Communication March 2014.

“Rhetoric as Excess Energy: Revisiting Kennedy’s ‘A Hoot in the Dark’” Carolina Rhetoric Conference April 2013.

“Invasive Species: Neozoon and the (Urban) Art of Public Composition” Conference on College Composition and Communication March 2013.




Joshua Abboud, Graduated May, 2011.
Lecturer, University of Kentucky

• B.A. Media Arts, Brigham Young U
• M.A. Media Arts, U of Arizona
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U


Joshua Abboud


Wendy Blanchard, Graduated August, 2012.
Literacy/Instructional Coach for Beaufort County (SC) School District.

• BA English and Film Studies, Emory U
• MAT English and Education, U of South Carolina; Columbia
• MA Cinema Studies, Tisch School of the Arts; New York U
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U




Amanda K. Booher, Graduated May, 2009.
Assistant Professor, The University of Akron.

• B.A. English & Music, Case Western Reserve U
Minors: Psychology & Women's Studies
• M.A. English, Case Western Reserve U
Minors: 20th Century Literature, Multicultural Literature,
Gender Literature and Theory
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U

Amanda K. Booher


Dev Kumar Bose, Graduated, December 2011.
Post Doc, Writing Program, Department of English
U of Arizona, Tucson

• BA English Education, emphasis in 20th Century American Literature, California State U, Long Beach: 2003.
• MA English: emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition, California State U, Long Beach: 2006.
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design; Clemson U.

Dev Kumar Bose


Jimmy Butts, Graduated, May 2013.
Assistant Professor, English Department
Wake Forest University

• BA English, The College of Charleston
• MA English, Winthrop U
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design, Clemson U



Kristie Byrum, will Graduate December 2014.
Assistant Professor, Department of Mass Communications
Bloomsburg U of Pennsylvania

• BA Journalism, The Pennsylvania State U, University Park, PA
• MA Journalism and Mass Communications, the U of South Carolina




Michelle Dacus Carr, Graduated May, 2010.
Faculty Affiliate with George Mason University (Center for International Student Access); and the University of Maryland University College (Communications, Arts, and Humanities). Additionally, Contract Research Assistant for the Freer | Sackler Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution

• BA English/Mass Communications, Spelman College, Atlanta, GA
• MFA Creative Writing (Poetry), Cornell U, Ithaca NY
• Northwestern University, ABD, Program in Performance Studies, 1990-95; Admitted to candidacy, 1992
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U

Michelle Dacus Carr


Anthony Collamati, Graduated August, 2012.
Assistant Professor of New Media Studies, Alma College, Michigan

• BA English, Saint Anselm College
• MA English, Loyola University Chicago
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U

Anthony Collamati

Jared S. Colton, Graduated May, 2014
Assistant Professor, Utah State University
• BA English Literary Studies, Utah Valley University
• MA English Rhetoric and Composition, Washington State University
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U



John Dinolfo, Graduated August, 2012.
Assistant Professor in the Writing Center and Center of Academic Excellence at the Medical U of SC (MUSC)

• BA English, Honors Program, Villanova U
• MA English and Writing, Florida State U
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U.


John Dinolfo


Patricia Fancher, Graduated, August 2014
Lecturer, Writing Program, U of California, Santa Barbara

• BA Communication (Second major in Music), Columbia College, SC.
• MA Communication, Culture and Technology, Georgetown University, DC.
• Ph.D., RCID, Clemson U.



Sergio C. Figueiredo, Graduated May, 2011.
Assistant Professor of Social/Digital Media, Kennesaw State U, Georgia

• B.A. English, Rowan U
• M.A. English (Composition/Rhetoric), Marshall U
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U


Sergio C. Figueiredo


Alicia Hatter, Graduated May, 2011.
Senior Usability Engineer at Vanguard's corporate headquarters in Philadelphia

• B.A. English; Minors: Psychology, Creative Writing (Fiction); College of Charleston
• M.A. Literary Studies; Concentration: Rhetoric and Composition; Georgia State U
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U


Alicia Hatter


Jason Helms, Graduated May, 2010.
Assistant Professor, Texas Christian U, FW, TX.

• B.S. Biology (Pre-Medicine); Minors: Theological Studies; English Literature; Master's College
• M.A. Literature (English); San Francisco State U
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U

Jason Helms


Joshua C. Hilst, Graduated May, 2010.
Assistant Professor, Department of Basic Composition, Utah Valley University

• B.A. English (Magna Cum Laude), The Master's College; Minor in Theology
• M.A. English (Rhetoric & Composition), The Ohio State U
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U

Joshua C. Hilst


Justin Hodgson, Graduated May, 2009.
Assistant Professor, English Department
Indiana University, Bloomington
Department of English

• B.A. English: Creative Writing, Illinois College
• M.A. English: Teaching of Writing, Southern Illinois U, Edwardsville
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U

Justin Hodgson

Steven Holmes, Graduated, May 2013.
Assistant Professor, English Department
George Mason U

• BA English, Honors Program, Washington State U
• MA English Literature, Washington State U
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design, Clemson U

Steven Holmes


Andrew Hurley, Graduated August 2011.
Assistant Professor, Clemson University.
Packaging Science

• B.S. Packaging Science, Clemson U.
• M.S. Packaging Science; emphasis in design. Clemson U
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U


Andrew Hurley


Xiaoli Li, Graduated December, 2011.
Assistant Professor, U of Dayton, Ohio.

• BA English Language & Culture, Xian International Studies U, Xi'an, China
• MA English with a Scientific & Technical Communications emphasis, Bowling Green State U
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U.


Xiaoli Li


Stephen J. Lind, Graduated, May 2013.
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration
The Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics
Washington and Lee U

• BS Communication Studies, Liberty U
• MA Speech Communication, U of Illinois: Urbana-Champaign
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design

Alicyn Butler

John A. McArthur, Graduated May, 2008.
Associate Professor, Queen's University of Charlotte (NC).
Director, School of Communication Undergraduate Programs

• B.S. Psychology & Religion, Furman U
• M.Ed. Higher Education Administration, U of South Carolina
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design, Clemson U

Mac McArthur


Nicole McFarlane, Graduated May, 2012.
Assistant Professor, Fayetteville, State U of NC

• BA Political Science UNC Charlotte
• MA English and African American Literature NC A&T State U
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U.


Nicole McFarlane


Lauren Mitchell, Graduated, August 2013.
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
U of Hawai‘i at Manoa

• BDes Architecture, University of Florida
• MArch Architecture, University of Michigan
• MS Architectural Studies: Pedagogy, University of Florida
• Ph.D., Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design, Clemson U

Alicyn Butler

Curtis Newbold, Graduated May, 2012.
Assistant Professor of Communication, New Media and Technical Communication, Westminster College, Utah

• BS English, Professional and Technical Writing. Utah State University.
• MA English, Literature and Writing. Emphasis in Professional Communication and Pedagogy. Utah State U.
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design, Clemson U.

Curtis Newbold


Randy Nichols, Graduated August, 2011.
Assistant Professor, Limestone College (SC), Chair of Limestone’s new Department of Professional Communication

• B.A. Bible & Theology: Southeastern U, Lakeland, FL.
• M.A. English Literature, Rutgers U, Newark, NJ.
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design, Clemson U


Randy Nichols


Nicole Snell, Graduated August, 2012.
Assistant Professor, Information Design and Corporate Communication at Bentley U, Massachusetts

• BA English Literature, Gallaudet University
• MA English, Concentration: Rhetoric and Composition; California State U
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U.

Interests: Visual Rhetorics, Information Design, User Experience Design, Multimodal Composition, Web Accessibility Law, Distance Learning, Assistive Technology.

Nicole Snell

Glen Southergill, Graduated, May 2014.
Assistant Professor, Montana Tech U
• BS Psychology, Psychology Department, University of Arizona
• MA Professional Communication, Department of English, Clemson University
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U




Steven John Thompson
, Graduated May, 2010.
Lecturer at The Johns Hopkins U (Wash, DC) in the Advanced Academic Programs, Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, and Adjunct Associate Professor, U of Maryland U College, Adelphi MD, Dept of Communication.

• B.A., Integrative Arts, New Media, with Honors in Media Studies and High Distinction, 1997, The Pennsylvania State U
• B.A., Media Studies--International Communication, with Honors and High Distinction, 1997, The Pennsylvania State U
• Certificate, Minor in Science, Technology and Society (STS), College of Engineering, 1997, The Pennsylvania State U
• A.A., Letters, Arts and Sciences, 1988, The Pennsylvania State U
• Certificate, The Mass Media in Britain, 1995, The U of Manchester, UK
• M.S., Media Arts and Science, School of Informatics, New Media Program, Indiana U, 2004
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design, Clemson U



Steven John Thompson


Josephine Walwema, Graduated May, 2011.
Assistant Professorship, Dept of English at Oakland U in Detroit

• B.A. Educ. English and Literature, Makerere U, Uganda
• M.Ed. Teaching English and Literature, Makerere U
• M.A. Rhetoric and Writing, U of New Mexico
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U.


Josephine Walwema


Mark Ward, Sr., Graduated December, 2010.
Assistant Professor, Depart. of Communication Studies, U of Houston-Victoria

• B.A. English Language and Literature, U of Virginia
• M.A. Communication, Spring Arbor U
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design; Clemson U.


Mark Ward, Sr.


Dan Wu, Graduated May, 2010.
Xi'an International Studies University, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, People's Republic of China.

• B.A. English Language & Culture, Xi'an International Studies U, P.R. China
• M.A. Scientific & Technical Communication, Bowling Green State U
• Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design, Clemson U


Dan Wu



The faculty included below have been, for the past five academic years, teaching seminars, chairing colloquia for the RCID program, serving on examination-dissertation committees, and working on the RCID Advisory Committee. It has been our decision to add faculty from the College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities as they actively live the life of the program, which includes those who are scheduled to teach in the near future, rather than to put forth a list of potential faculty, which is, indeed, immense across the CAAH. Other colleagues will soon appear in the list.

Stephanie Barczewski
Professor of History

Interests: Modern British Cultural History

Stephanie Barczewski


David Blakesley
Campbell Chair in Technical Communication
Professor of English
Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees
Publisher, Parlor Press
Adobe Education Leader

Interests: rhetorical theory, digital/visual rhetorics, print and digital publishing, film theory and production, information architecture, technical communication, computers and writing, content management.




Bryan E. Denham
Campbell Professor of Sports Communication
Department of Communication Studies

Interests: Empirical research methods, political and sports communication, media ethics, public opinion, and public policy formation

Bryan E. Denham


Andrea Feeser
Professor of Art and Architectural History
Department of Art

Interests: Modern and contemporary art history, theory, and criticism, history of place as represented in visual and material culture

Andrea Feeser


Keith Evan Green

Professor of Architecture and Electrical & Computer Engineering
Director, CU Institute for Intelligent Materials, Systems and Environments (CU-iMSE)

Interests: Intelligent Environments, Human Computer Interaction, Human Robot Interaction, Tangible Computing.

Keith Evan Green


Cynthia Haynes
Associate Professor
Department of English
Director of First-Year Composition
Co-Chair, Colloquium on Serious Games

Interests: rhetoric and composition, critical theory, digital/visual rhetorics, computer game studies, information design, serious design, feminist theory, architecture, continental philosophy

Cynthia Haynes


Jan Rune Holmevik
Associate Professor
Associate Chair, Department of English
Co-Chair, Colloquium on Serious Games

Interests: interactive media, computer game studies, humanistic informatics, experience design

Jan Rune Holmevik


Tharon W. Howard
Department of English
Director, Usability Testing Facility
Director, Multimedia Authoring Teaching & Research Facility (Matrf)

Interests: usability and user-experience design, visual communication and visual rhetorics, multimedia authoring and digital publishing, electronic community architectures, rhetorical and literary theories, professional and technical communication

Tharon W. Howard


Christina Nguyen Hung
Associate Professor
Department of Art
Home page:

Interests: bioart, public art, new media, and visual culture

Christina Hung


Karyn Orgata Jones
Associate Professor, Interim Department Chair
Department of Communication Studies

Research interests: communication about disability and health in interpersonal, family, organizational, and mass mediated contexts; identity, social support and uncertainty management as frameworks for understanding disability and health.

Karyn Orgata Jones


Akel Ismail Kahera
Professor of Architecture and Urbanism
Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies CAAH

Research Interests: Toposophia, Space/Power/Knowledge; Architectural Hetertopias and all things Foucault.



Akel Kahera


Steven B. Katz
Roy Pearce Professor of Professional Communication
Department of English

Interests: Rhetorical analysis (rhetoric and poetics, rhetorics of style, poetics of science, biotech and medical communication with the public); rhetoric and ethics (ideologies of technologies, technical communication ethics, philosophies of ethics, ethics of style); ancient alternative rhetorics (Biblical, affectintuitive, Jewish/sophistic, kabbalistic); material rhetorics (alphabetic, poetic, mystical, digital)

Steven B. Katz


Michael LeMahieu
Director, Pearce Center for Professional Communication, Associate Professor
Department of English

Interests: Twentieth- and twenty-first century literature and philosophy. Critical Theory. Intellectual History.

Michael LeMachieu


Jeff Love
Associate Professor of German and Russian
Department of Languages

Interests: Narrative theory (in particular Russian formalism, the Prague school and Lotman); theory of the novel; the intersection of literature and philosophy; German idealism, modern German philosophy and critical theory; Russian philosophical thought (from the various forms of dialogism to Kojeve)

Jeff Love


Brian McGrath
Assicuate Professor
Department of English
Chair, RCID Theory and Criticism Colloquium

Interests: European Romanticism, Poetry and Poetics, Rhetorical Reading, Literary and Aesthetic Theory, Continental Philosophy


Brian McGrath


William Maker

Professor of Philosophy
Chair, Department of Philosophy and Religion

Interests: Issues in Modernity/Postmodernity, Postfoundational Philosophy, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Critical Theory



Todd May

Professor of Philosophy
Class of 1941 Memorial Professor
Department of Philosophy and Religion

Research Interests: Contemporary Continental Philosophy, especially recent French Thought; Anarchism; History of Philosophy

Todd May


Lee Morrissey

Professor of English
Chair, Department of English

Interests: Continental philosophy, cultural and literary theory, political philosophy and theory, post-structuralism, history of criticism, globalization, Restoration and eighteenth-century literature, The Enlightenment

Lee Morrissey


R. Barton Palmer
Calhoun Lemon Professor of Literature; film, screenwriting and British Literature
Department of English

Interests: Late Medieval English/French literary relations, Hollywood film, film genres



Catherine E. Paul

Department of English

Interests: International modernisms, poetry and poetics, literature and visual culture, museums and curatorial theory



Diane Perpich

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Director, Program in Women's Studies
Department of Philosophy and Religion

Contemporary European Philosophy, especially phenomenology and its reception in French thought; contemporary ethics; gender and sexuality studies; the intersection of bodies and technologies (somatechnics).


Diane Perpich


Johannes Schmidt

Associate Professor of German
Department of Languages

Skype: herr-schmidt

Interests: German (18th & 19th C) literature and philosophy, drama, performance/theater technology/aesthetics, literary criticism, dj-ing/hip hop culture

Johannes Schmidt


D. Travers Scott
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication Studies
Director of Graduate Studies

Interests: Critical/cultural studies of technology and media, medical science and pathologization, feminism and gender studies, sexuality studies, popular culture, sound studies, visual culture.

D. Travers Scott


Victor J. Vitanza

Department of English
Director, Ph.D program in RCID (CAAH)
Jean-François Lyotard Chair, European Graduate School (Switzerland)
Producer, Director, Writer at St. Vitus Pictures
home page

Interests: Histories of Rhetorics, Historiographies, Philology, Rhetorical Invention, Theories and Pedagogies of Rhetorics and Composition, Technology and "Writing" (electracy, new media, digital studies), Architecture, Photography, Film and Video, Contemporary Continental Philosophy (French, German, Italian).

Victor J. Vitanza


Art Young

Former Campbell Endowed Chair. Professor Emeritus of English
Department of English

Interests: Communication Across the Curriculum; Writing in the Disciplines, Composition Studies, Writing Program Administration, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Art Young

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