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How to find german podcasts?

German Podcasts at Clemson University

German Cast (via iTunes U) for students, fauclty and staff at Clemson University
Requires Apple free iTunes (www.apple.com)

List of German Podcasts (sample)


ARD Tagesschau 15 min. podcast of the renowned 20 Uhr news show either as audio or video; intermediate and upper level language and business courses http://www.ard.de/home/podcast/-/id=365212/1jzcgs8/index.html

DW-World News “Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten”; slowly spoken news report from Deutsche Welle ranging from 5 to 15 min. and updated daily; lower and intermediate level http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,2144,1833641,00.html

Top-Thema mit Vokabeln several new audio episodes each week about a topic in 2 to 3 min. with vocabulary explanations, includes life in Germany, society, music, and pretty much everything that proves useful to apply new vocabulary; intermediate and advanced language and culture feed://rss.dw-world.de/xml/podcast_top-thema_mit_vokabeln

ZDF heute One of the better alternatives to the Tagesschau, yet 25 min. long http://podcast.heute.de/heute-audio.xml http://podcast.heute.de/heute-video.xml

Learning German:

Das treffende Wort created by members of the German department at the University of Wisconsin (Madison), informal and relaxed lessons, only five lessons are available but this podcast offers also pdf-worksheets to download; beginning language and culture http://german.lss.wisc.edu/podcast/feed.xml

Deutsch im Alltag Deutsche Welle documentaries on a variety of topics and curious German vocabulary (including swear words) with accompanying audio scripts (click the information button of the individual episode to read along) http://rss.dw-world.de/xml/podcast_alltagsdeutsch Learn German podcast by Stepfan Wiesner in English and German with accompanying pdf-files and additional material on his web site <http://german-podcast.de>; various levels http://feeds.feedburner.com/German-podcast

My Daily Phrase short daily lessons that are not too well suited to complement classroom instruction; only for student who do not have the chance to learn German in a classroom setting (includes pdf-files) http://feeds.feedburner.com/mydailyphrasegerman

Sprachbar curiosities and peculiarities of the German language clearly explained, produced by DW-World; upper level language and culture http://rss.dw-world.de/xml/podcast_sprachbar

Stichwort also from the Deutsche Welle, each episode defines a new word more in-depth every week; advanced language http://rss.dw-world.de/xml/podcast_stichwort Young Germany Deutsch offers a “starter kit” for beginners and an introduction to the most important German phrases with listening and speaking exercises; beginner and intermediate http://www.young-germany.de/nbo_podcast/ygpod.xml


NFL American Football News news and information about the NFL in German (about 15 min.); intermediate language and culture http://www.win-football.de/

Kicker daily 5 minute summary of major sports news from around the world with focus on German soccer from the popular German sports magazine Kicker, available as a video podcast also; advanced sports enthusiast http://mediadb.kicker.de/podcast/kicker-podcast.xml

Sportstudio video highlights from the ZDF sports show “Das aktuelle Sportstudio”, a must for all German soccer fans, but also includes others sports feed://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek/content/440294?view=podcast


Thalia Buchtipp from the Swiss Thalia bookstore, recommends (and advertises) books by German and international authors on a regular basis and provides short summaries as pdf-files; intermediate and advanced http://www.lessen.de/static/addons/lesecast.xml

NDR–Neue Bücher daily summary of new literature available in German (about 5 min.); upper-level http://www.ndr.dr/podcastlink/ndrkultur_neuebuecher.xml

Literatur-Café monthly discussions and interviews on a wide variety of book related topics worldwide (between 10 and 30 min.), but also information on audio CDs, movies, and such; advanced http://www.literaturcafe.de/feed/podcast.xml


FM4 Soundpack music downloads that compliments the digital music community of artists from Austria and surrounding countries, every day four new alternative and rock music artists are featured whereas <http://fm4.orf.at/soundpark/> supply additional information; music and culture for all levels http://static.orf.at/fm4/podcast/soundpack.xml

Four Music video podcast from German music labels including Four Music (Die Fantastischen Vier), Yo Mama (German HipHop), with interviews and information and lots of clips about popular music from Germany; beginning and intermediate popular culture and music courses http://www.fourserve.com/podcast/podcast.xml

Musik-Podcast infrequent productions by the Goethe Institute; intermediate to advanced http://media.geothe.de/podcast/Goethe_music_1_de.xml

Klassik aktuell news and reports on classical music with a German focus, between 2 and 8 minutes from the radio station Bayern 4 Klassik; advanced http://www.br-online.de/podcast/klassik-aktuell/cast.xml

pure podcast pure is a magazine for music collectors, this podcast helps music lovers to discover music, discusses artists, events and new releases, 15 to 30 minutes of professionally produced advertising for the music industry; beginner and intermediate language and culture audio: http://www.universal-dowload.de/podcast/pure/pure_itunes.xml; video: http://media.umsm.de/catalogue/podcast/pure_video/pure_itunes_video.xml


Atlas hour-long episodes exploring cities, places and cultures of the world, produced by the Swiss radio station DRS (includes Swiss German speakers); intermediate to advanced culture http://pod.drs.ch/atlas_mpx.xml

GEOaudio from the travel magazine GEO, 10 to 30 minute episodes; intermediate and advanced http://www.geo.de/GEOaudio/index.xml

Germany Info infrequent audio and video podcasts from the German Information Service in English including messages from Chancellor Merkel; all levels culture http://www.germany.info/relaunch/info/press/Germany_Info_Podcast.xml

Kalenderblatt one of my favorite podcasts from the Deutsche Welle, short notes on historical events or personalities presented by different (sometimes renown) speakers; intermediate and advanced http://rss.dw-world.de/xml/podcast_kalenderblatt

ZDF Wetten dass ...? Video podcast with starts from the popular and long-running TV show “Wetten dass …? with Thomas Gottschalk, many international starts http://www.wettendass.zdf.de/

Johannes Schmidt, “Podcasting as a Learning Tool: German Language and Culture Every Day,” UP/Teaching German vol. 41 (Fall 2008): 186-194.
Journal link: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/118902498/home
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