You can click on the picture below to download and view Clemson's Virtual Reality Walkthrough of the Globe Theater created by Karl Herbst (2.5 MB).

Globe Virtual Reality Tour

If you click on the picture of the VR Globe, you should begin downloading the file to view it in your browser. If you get an error message saying you need a plugin, click on the button for "more info." Now just find a plugin that supports "MPG" files, download it, and run its installer. Restart your browser, return to this site and and you should be able to view a sample of Clemson's Virtual Reality walk-through of the Globe Theater!

Once you have downloaded the movie, right click anywhere on the screen and select Play or click the Play button Play Buttonto start the movie.

Or, if you don't have the time to download the short walkthrough, click here for a "virtual" walkthrough of the virtual tour!